When does access begin?

If you purchased on or before January 2, 2023, access to Cake Camp will begin January 2, 2023! 

If you purchase after January 2, 2023, access to Cake Camp will begin upon purchase.

How do I not pay through PayPal?

PayPal is simply our credit card processor - you DO NOT need a PayPal account to purchase Cake Camp! Just continue with checkout without logging in and use your credit card of choice!

How do I gift Cake Camp?

To gift Cake Camp, purchase the membership under your name and email, then once gifted email [email protected] with your giftee's name and email and we'll switch over access!

What tools do I need?

Month 1 Supply List:

  • One 9 x 13 rectangular baking pan
  • Three 8 x 2 round cake pans
  • Hand mixer/electric mixer

Month 2 Supply List:

  • Offset + Straight Icing Spatulas
  • Essential Scraper Set
  • Acrylic Cake Disks
  • Turn-table
  • 8-inch + 10-inch cardboard cake rounds
  • Drip Bottle
  • Piping Bag

Month 3 Supply List:

  • Kitchen Torch

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Still have questions? Email [email protected]